My story

My little vitu passed away on Nov 29, 2010 due to infection and PDA after an amazing recovery in the NICU. Nobody (even doctors) had an inkling a day before that he would leave us so soon.

The cause for my emergency c-section was my water breaking prematurely. I didn't have a cervix problem, neither a UTI. According to the doctor, in retrospection, too much travelling (bad roads) in 29th & 30th week might have caused by water to break.

My baby son weighed around 1600 gms when he was born. Which was a good weight for a 30 weeker. He also cried when the doctor picked him up from my stomach.

When I saw him from close after eight days after his birth, he was beautiful with honey coloured skin, ruby lips, chubby cheeks and black silky hair. He had the most adorable face even with that tiny oxygen tube under his nose. I don't even have a picture of him.

I will be 31 years in June, 2011.

Little vitu was my first born and I and my husband suffer from some infertility issues. Conceiving him was a miracle in the first place.

Everyone has problems in their lives but I feel people who can hold their little ones in their arms without a chill in their heart are very lucky.