Why this blog?

Days are passing by like strangers. There isn't a moment when I don't think of my sweet boy. He was so lovely. I'm relying on my memory to recall his little face. He was ....so cute. Its so inhumane and so ungodly that he had to go.

When my baby died, all the people around me said I had to let go. By which they meant, don't cry. You will have another baby. People lose their teenaged children. Yours was still a baby. You didn't even hold him in your hands. You will get more.

I just want to tell that my loss in inferior to no one's. This is the worst loss. Losing a baby like that. Empty hands. Empty womb. Empty cradle. How can someone quantify my loss and brand it negligible?

I just hate this world.

I want to tell all the mommies like me - don't pay heed to what others are saying (in a garb of giving comfort). Our loss is the greatest in its own respect.

And i want to vent out. Irrespective of whether one hears or not, I just want to vent out here.