Monday, February 13, 2012

After the cerclage

I didnt want to come back and write a negative post, especially after my cerclage, but somehow hoping I will feel better after doing it. This pregnancy has been anything but smooth. First 10 weeks were spent under the scare of Ovarian Hyerstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), next few weeks worrying about pressure on cervix, extreme tiredness and serving my notice period at work. When I thought quitting my job and the cerclage will give me some peace, it hasn't been exactly so.

While my cerclage was placed successfully, the subsequent week hasn't been uneventful. I spotted everyday after the cerclage for a week. This freaked me out although the OB said some light spotting is normal. Yesterday, I noticed a thrush down there with reddening and swelling, and even pimples , so went to my OB. We spotted a nasty blood clot trapped inside my v, which was the source of spotting. Finally, spotting issue was resolved. Thankfully, babies and the cervical stich look fine.

But the pain due to yeast infection continues. And at times, it's really painful. I finished two cycles of antibiotics for a UTI that was detected couple weeks ago, they are testing me again this week to see if it's resolved. I have no idea why all these different kinds of infections love me. One can only guess how dangerous these infections are with a cerclage in place.

I try telling my husband that as long as babies are healthy and fine, the physical pain I ay have to go through due to infections is nothing. But as long as the infections are not harming the babies. And who can assure me of this? No one. Everything lays on some unseen hope. I lurk around some pregnancy forums where stupid (sorry, but thats what I was once), ignorant ladies who have no clue what a difficult pregnancy is (pregnancy loss is beyond their realm of imagination), discuss about stupid things - Like clothes, their weight increase by few grams, their change of taste in food, their adventures with baby shopping....

It gets on to me at times. I feel sad that am having such a difficult pregnancy where I cannot even be sure of one more day being pregnant, forget about nine full months.

Am trying to be hopeful. But it's so hard.


  1. Ugh! Sorry to hear about all these infections. Trying to have hope after babyloss is hard enough and then adding in infections and other issues sucks. I can imagine how frustrating this is for you.

  2. Oh! This is the first I've been to your blog in a while and I am so thrilled to hear you are pregnant. So so happy for you, even if it has been an ordeal so far. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been 100%. PLEASE do this: please eat plain yogurt and take pro-biotics. They are available at natural food stores or your pharmacy. When you take anti-biotics, it wipes out *all* the bacteria, both good & bad. Your body, and your baby, needs good bacteria to help fight off infection. So, if you aren't already: please get some pro-biotics immediately and begin taking them. They are 100% natural and will not interfere with anything.

    Also, as you are suffering from a yeast infection, please try not to eat any carbohydrates or sugar. The carbs & sugar make yeast in your body; so stick to lean proteins, and LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies. Your body will respond much, much faster to treatment if you do this.

    Another babyloss mother described being pregnant afterwards as riding around in a car with a bomb about to go off. It will not be easy. It will be scary. Try to stay positive and rest and treat your body with care. Let us be hopeful for you, sweet mama. xo

  3. Wah that is alot going on, I hope you get some relief and it all improves. I am thinking of you and your babies.xo

  4. It is so hard to be hopeful, isn't it? Wishing you lots of healing - (hugs).

  5. Infection are no fun. I had 2 UTIs and two cases of BV after my cerclage. I'm on a low-dose antibiotic until I deliver now. It sucks but I was in the same boat and I'm 29 weeks today so there's hope! One thing to take comfort in is that with the cerclage, its much harder for any infection to travel into the uterus where it could get really dangerous.

  6. Oh, Sweetie, I'm sorry. As if the scare of bleeding and the worry around cerclage aren't already enough. Have you considered talking to your OB about taking a probiotic? I take one daily called FemDophilus that's supposed to rebalance the vaginal bacteria in favor of the "good guys." (Infection was a very large part of my loss story so I want to do all I can to help keep my v healthy for next time, even though so much is out of our control.)

    Hugs to you...and so happy to hear the cerclage is well placed.

  7. It is completely unfair. and i can not imagine how irritating your infections must be.
    Other people are totally clueless.
    You can have pride in how strong you are being through all of this.
    You are extremely brave and clearly will do anything for your sweet little ones.
    How many weeks along are you now? Wishing you the quiet and calm pregnancy that you deserve.

  8. Ughh, so not fair. I am sorry that you are dealing with all of this. I am glad to hear that all is well with the growing little ones but infections and spotting and all that must be hard to deal with.

    I hope that soon some of this will be resolved and you can get some time to just relax.

    Sending you peaceful thoughts.

  9. I'm sorry you keep getting crap news piled ontop of crap news. Hoping your body begins to cooperate soon. :)

    How far along are you now?

  10. Hey-- I'm so sorry I never got your email. I checked both accounts but didn't see one. Anyways, just wanted to answer your questions re: funneling in spite of the cerclage.

    I did in fact have funneling started at 21-ish weeks but it didn't get serious until 24 weeks. As far as I know, nothing triggered it except having an incompetent cervix. When I was checked at 21 weeks, I did have a UTI but I was antibiotics from that point until now and will be until delivery.

    I would suggest that if you're having any funneling early on, to go on modified bedrest as a preventative measure. Hospital bed rest was no fun at all. Good luck!

  11. TIme has passed and you just popped into my mind. I am wondering how you are doing? I hope that you are hanging in there! sending lots of love!

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