Monday, March 14, 2011

The day my baby came to earth

I had taken a maternity break from my work and gone abroad to my parents home. I was going to be here for at least 4 months. Then return with my baby to my house and take up my job again. My mom would accompany me and look after the baby when am at work. I was taking a flat close to my workplace so things were really easy and convenient.

I had been very active throughout the pregnancy, going to work, shopping for stuff etc. I had a baby shower, just a week back. It was a nice party. We had about 400 odd guests. I had bought an expensive peacock green silk saree with kundan work. I had the perfect jewels to go with it. It was all so superb.

I was told everything is normal with me. Doctor had told me to think positive. That's what I was doing.  Life was beautiful. My neighbours would come & visit me and speak to me. Just because I was carrying. Someone even guessed he's a boy. Something we knew all along but had kept to ourselves.

I  was about 7 months and 4 days pregnant. One Thursday, in the noon, my water broke. I was suck in my IL's house, 2 hours by road to doctor. Somehow, it took much longer. Much much longer - 7 hours almost. Too much water had leaked. My bag was emptied I suppose. Doctor did a c-section. My golden baby out out at 8.43 pm. He cried, Most beautiful voice. My baby. My little son.

He didn't have good lungs owing to prematurity. He was under ventilator. His doctor told my dh they will have to unplug if he continues this way.

But my little hero fought back. He had only 20% chances and we needed a miracle, it almost happened. After 3 days under the ventilator he breathed on his own with little oxygen. What a fighter.

I cannot explain how  felt lying on the hospital bed with my baby in NICU. I just don't have words to describe it. When my son got better, I thought this was over.

But no. The worst was yet to come.


  1. I am very sorry that you have joined this group. But I welcome you with a great big hug as you. This journey is the most difficult one. But continued writing and the amazing support of this community we will help as much as we can in the healing.

  2. @Mary: I completely agree its a difficult journey and one for life. I hope I can keep writing and vent out and remain sane.