Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sad news today - The unfairness of it all

The eight year old child of Chitra, an Indian singer passed away in a freak drowning accident in a swimming pool in Dubai today. The girl was the singer's only child and I read that she was autistic. The singer was in Dubai to appear in a concert of A.R.Rehman, and she stayed in a friend's villa. The little girl had apparently approached the poorly guarded pool when her mother was in bath and accidentally fell into it.

The singer had had this child after fifteen years of marriage.

I have seen this singer on Television on earlier occasions and she always came across as a very humble, down to earth lady although she was quite popular in her field. There are memorable songs sung by her in Indian movies.

I'm at a loss of words.

Thinking of this famous and successful woman who must be perhaps the saddest woman on earth today. I know her grief. I know what she's going through now. I know how it feels inside that dark, deep, tunnel and that yearning to go back a few hours in time and change things. Have your baby in your arms rather than in a mortuary.

I know your pain, mother.

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