Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 baby

Love you my little baby, more than words can ever ever express. Your image reflects in the two priceless gifts you have given us. Since there is no way of knowing where you have gone, I'd like to believe you are with me. Between the smiles of your two brothers, there is a smile which is not seen but only eternally felt...that smile is yours. There's a soft breath and a mild whisper between those of the two little boys, and that is you my sweetest darling baby.

For every kiss I plant on the milk-cheeks of your baby brothers, I'm kissing you a thousand times over baby.

One day, you and I will meet. I will tell you the stories I never got (and will get) a chance to tell. I will hug you so tight that we both will make the world and the rest of the universe disappears in a blur.

Oh, I have to mention. Daddy misses you a lot. He wants to write you a letter, but you know how bad  (worse than me) he is with pen and paper (in this case the blog and the keypad). He's visited a temple (you know he's the religious types), to pray for you.

I don't have to visit a temple to pray for you. You are my God. You have always been,...since you came to this world with that soft cry until you went away silently. Miss you...miss you immensely.

Hope you are having a nice time with your sweetest uncle. Please tell him I love him very much and tell him years will pass quickly and I will come there to join you guys and then we will chat with each other and do the things we never got a chance to do here.



  1. Happy birthday to sweet Little Vitu.

  2. Happy Birthday Vitu. That is a beautiful letter.xoxox

  3. Think of you often. Sorry I have been away from blogging. Check out my latest post...doing a giveaway! Hugs

  4. i just found your blog today, and i wanted to send you and your little Vitu warmth and love. i lost my little boy nearly 5 months ago when he was just one day old, so i know something of the pain you feel.

    blessings and peace to you <3