Monday, March 21, 2011

This must feel like heaven...

As I have reiterated before, I didn't get a chance to hug my baby boy to my chest. I certainly have no idea how it feels like. Must be awesome ..I honestly cannot even imagine. How nice if someone could invent  a machine that can allow simulation of such a feeling when a woman gets inside it. It'd surely help mommies like me.

I worked in Bangalore a few years ago. I'd been to this locality once -I think it was called Girinagar- with lot of old, huge trees and enormous branches. Trees were home to many a monkeys.

The sight that always amazed me was the way the mother monkey walked around and jumped across the branches with the little one tucked against her tummy. The mother was old - one could tell from the way she looked - the baby was little but one could see the feeling of content and security in his face. The mother wouldn't trade her baby for anything in this world and neither the baby would let go off his mother's warm hug. They both seemed in-detachable.

Of course I didn't click a picture that time. I'm not a good photographer anyway so couldn't have got a nice one. When I was pregnant with my little vitu I bumped into this photo - it was a part of a collection of a young photographer from my native town ( I'd saved this one pic on my hard disk since I loved it.

When I returned home empty handed from the hospital, my cat had these two little kittens. The way the kittens fought with each other to get close to their mom, suck her milk, and cuddle and sleep together as a family..that was some sight. I told innumerable times to myself that I wasn't even as lucky as my cat.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever know how it feels to hug my own baby. How could I have lost this opportunity after coming so close? I just have no answer.

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