Monday, April 18, 2011

Few Good Things

I never speak of this. It seemed to me, for a long time, there just aren't any. But that's not true. The magnitude of my sorrow might have nullified it, but there were, and there are good things in my life. Let me try and list them.

1. I have a great  (that really doesn't fully express it), husband. He is the love of my life and he is truly what they call a soul partner. We have had numerous silly fights in our married life but they have only helped us love each other more.

2. My family. I have the most loving parents who would do anything for me. Who have done everything they possibly could for me. They call me each day to check how am doing. Even though I live far from them.

3. My brother. He is a darling. Eight years younger to me, I always considered him my first baby. When he was an infant, I rocked him to sleep. I have never spent more time with any other baby than I spent with him. I still remember every baby dress of his (there are no photographs) in my memory. He is a love.

4. Friends. There are them. Some of them. Who cannot exactly understand but they do feel for me. That's enough.

5. Cousins. There are some who call to check how I am. Others,  surely think of me. My tragedy.

6. Family Friends. Neighbours. Last time I spoke to my brother, he mentioned people still asked him - 'how is your sister?' They meant it. There was sadness in their voice when they asked.

I cannot thank everyone at the moment but when I get a chance in future, I would surely like to thank them.


  1. I am so glad you have such a supportive loving family. I love my family but they have expressed very little emotion over me losing Liam, their grandchild, and rarely call to see how I am feeling. You are very lucky to have that.

  2. When God takes someone away he compensates us with people who (though can never fill that void) make our lives worth living. I truly believe our real blessings are these people who stand by us wen we need them, sometimes understanding and sometimes just being there because they cant see us hurt. Glad u have a loving family and friends who feel for u. I keep count my blessings as well.

  3. dear Becky: Thanks. I wish your family called you more too.

    dear Vidhi: Could you drop me a mail at I'd like to know what's happening in your life.

  4. Family...certainly a pillar of support.