Friday, August 12, 2011

Infertile Land

With my little Vitu, it had taken exactly eight months of constant trying for us to get pregnant. My Gyn (Doctor A) then had diagnosed us both and was of the opinion that I didn't have PCO; I ovulated well (I'd gone once for a follicular study on 13,14,15th day of the cycle). The only concern was my H's count. At 32m/ml and 40% motility, the Gyn thought it was a problem and gave him lot of pills to take. Luckily we got pregnant after few months. 

This time in April, I went to a completely new doctor (Doctor B), very famous in Dubai, who conducted Insulin Resistance test for me and on the basis of that concluded I was mild PCOS and put me on metformin. About my H's problem, she said its not a problem at all and he doesn't need medication. 'Since you had managed to get pregnant once before with that count, its not an issue' was her exact words.

Okay, August is the second month of trying again. Few days ago we visited Doctor C in Dubai who is a high risk specialist (didn't go back to Doctor B because she is against us getting pregnant before 2012, Doctor C thinks its fine to get pregnant now) - who put me on Letrozole. With roughly 25-28 days period, one should ovulate at least around CD 15 correct?

I tried the OPK from CD 9 onwards till CD 17. No positive. With my little Vitu, I know I used to ovulate without assistance. So, it baffles me how am not able to ovulate even with Letrozole. (I think its also called Femara).

I did the temperature charting too but its pretty confusing because they oscillated between 35.9 to 36.2 degrees throughout the cycle and on CD 17 and CD 18, they have been 36.3 degree celsius.

So we have decided to go to a full time infertility specialist next month (That's when we get a soonest appointment). This clinic does IUI & IVF etc. Am planning to try a IUI for us as all this is SO maddening.

Does anyone has any suggestions to offer?

Meanwhile, just thinking about my sweet baby son and waiting to see him again.


  1. I dont have much too offer, our fertility issues were never resolved, fertilty health is not covered where we are from and we cant afford it. My gyn is hopeing it will be easier for me the second time around as my periods have become more regular but believes I do need to gain alot more wheight, thats the hard part.So we are waiting and hopeing our look will for once change

  2. Ever since I had Liam, I have been ovulating VERY late. This month I didnt ovulate until CD23 (last month it was 25). I was never like that before so I think it has something to do with hormones post-pregnancy. Late ovulation can mean a luteal phase defect which can be caused by low progesterone. Try using your OPKs later, see if you ovulate late?

    About your temps, I read that low progesterone can also cause low temps. I had the combination of low temps, late ovulation and short luteal phase and so if I don't get pregnant this cycle I am going to the doc. Good luck!!!

  3. I don't know anything about Letrazole but I am all too familiar with not ovulating. If I ovulate at all mine tends to be around CD19-20. I am not a dr but I think trying an IUI or two is definitely worth a shot. I got pregnant off my 2nd one with Liam with the use of Clomid and an HCG inj also. Don't have much else for suggestions since I am having my own ferillity issues right now also, but hope this new dr. will work good for you guys.

  4. I am sorry that I do not. I did not know I was not ovulating on my own until I also had the ultrasound test to show I wasn't. I started Clomid, but I stopped because the side effects were just too much to deal with. Femara aka Letrazole is a different type of medication and I would like to see if it would be effective for me, but after 10 months of trying I need a break. I wish you well and hope that everything comes together as it should. Love to you and Vitu always~