Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1/2 Year

Happy 1/2 Birthday little Vitu. My sweetest baby. There is nothing I can offer you today except tears. There is lot of love, immeasurable - I wish there was a way to tell you how much I love you. Some way to give you - one kiss. Love you baby. Miss you more than anything.

Some day, when we get a chance to meet you, we will tell you baby. How much daddy and I love you. There are so many things to tell you today, and everyday, but there are just not enough words.

Till then, we are just waiting - at this end. Be happy darling. Wherever you are, be happy.


  1. Thinking of you and Vitu and sending love~

  2. 6 months is so hard, such a short time yet feels like forever. Remembering Vitu and sending love.

  3. Thinking of you both and sending good vibes your way, Hugs, Shelly

  4. Thinking of you and Vitu today....

  5. Sending you so much love and to little Vitu too.

  6. Hi there....just want to send you a hug. Don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but glad that I did.

    I lost my daughter in January this year. She was born at 36 weeks, and died three days later. She had a strong cry, but there had been some fetal distress just before the delivery. She had PDA and Pulmonary Hypertension too.

    She was a precious child, one that I conceived on my own after more than 5 years of trying. I had failed at IVF too, yet I had managed to become pregnant on my own.

    I just spent the last hour reading your posts.

    I have pics of my baby shower, every single thing and they mock me like nothing can. Family tells you to move on, but I just want to punch their face. Somebody went on to add that I must think it was good for the baby. How can the death of an otherwise superbly healthy baby be good? Is there no justice in the world.

    I am also haunted by the fact that I could not hold my daughter. She went from the OT to the NICU and never reached my room.

    I just want to tell you that I 'get' it.

    I and my hubby are now trying again and I hope that I won't have to try as long as hard as I did.

    When I pray to God, I see my baby's face. She is my God.

    And for how many ever kids I have, the world will count the live ones, but for me my daughter will always be the first blossom.

    Hold on to your heart, and your husband, and lots of blessings for the little Krsna.